Attempts to improve agricultural seasonal labor conditions in Germany: the label “Faire Saisonarbeit”

At the beginning of each crop season, the German media publish one or two reports on poor working conditions of seasonal workers in Germany. Given the negative impact these reports could have on all producers in the sector, IGBAU [1] union (construction, environment, agriculture) thinks that there might be an interest in establishing a certification process attesting the Application certified by the company’s fair standards for seasonal workers. That was the basic idea of ​​the initiative “Faire Saisonarbeit”.


This initiative set up in 2006 for 18 months did not meet the expected accession. Indeed no certification has been requested because the criteria have appeared too strict, especially concerning the maximum number of hours of work. But the union still believes this useful tool, it has raised a lot of information about seasonal migrants in Germany and to raise public awareness.