– 201308. Television coverage in french. France 2 (Journal de 20h), meat industry’s workers in Germany (images from the Confederation Paysanne’s mission).

– 201306. Sillons solidaires 3. Brisons le silence ! Voix paysannes et paroles ouvrières du Souss. Last of the three films in the series “Sillons solidaires”. Directed by Hind Bennani, about the working conditions of farm workers in South Morocco, and the difficulties of organizing the union defense. A delegation of the Confederation Paysanne attended events there. Duration: 30:50

– 2013. Television coverage in french, France 2 (Cash Investigation). Foggia tomatoes in Italy, link between the distribution and exploitation of migrant workers.

– 20130319. The 10 plagues of the Israeli labor market. On the place of migrants in the Israeli labor market, particularly in agriculture, construction and care for the elderly. Directed by Kav Laoved (“Hotline for Migrant” Israeli NGOs). Duration: 0:03:29.

– 201204. Child laborers in Israeli agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley. Directed by Ma’an Center. Duration: 0:07:34.

– 201101. Scandal of the ‘tomato slaves’ harvesting crop exported to UK. Directed by Michele and Alessandro Palazzi Penso, on agricultural seasonal labor in Italy, especially in the tomato fields. Testimonies of migrants and comments of locals… Duration: 0:05:16.

– 201001. Sillons solidaires 2. Les mandarines et les olives ne tombent pas du ciel. Film on the workers of Rosarno who had revolted. A delegation of the Confederation Paysanne was present. Available on DVD at the Confédération Paysanne.

– 200910. L’agro business européen dans le Souss… ou la prolétarisation de la paysannerie au Maroc. Directed by Marc Olivier and Souad Guennoun. Testimonies of a small farmer, an agronomist, trade unionists, and farm workers. Duration: 0:30:00.

– 200909. Les saisonniers agricoles, esclaves des temps modernes (France 24). Durée : 03:10

– 20091116. Bitter Dates. On the culture of dates for export in the Jordan Valley and the exploitation of farm workers, Palestinian and migrants. Directed by Kav Laoved (“Hotline for Migrant” Israeli NGOs) and the PGFTU (Palestinian General Federation of Trade Union). The second link is the version available in Arabic, into two parts. Duration: 0:14:20.

– 20080415. Esclaves des temps modernes. Coverage of the RTS on migrant farm workers in Almeria pepper, especially the undocumented. Author unknown. Duration: 0:08:37.

– 2008. Sillons solidaires 1. Du Danube au Guadalquivir. Directed by Silvia Pérez-Vitoria, the Confederation Paysanne and Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. Available at the Confederation Paysanne. Duration: 0:32:00.

– 2007. Récolte sanglantes, l’esclavage à l’italienne. Directed by Thomas Riefer. On modern slavery in Puglia, in southern Italy: the numerous disappearances of seasonal agricultural workers in the region and caporalatto system that abuse. Available on DVD at the Confederation Paysanne. Duration: 0:52:00

– 200702. Agrexco Workers in the Jordan Valley. Interviews of farm workers on the roadside, (English and Arabic). Duration: 0:05:27.

– 2001. Eldorado de Plastic. Directed by Arlette Girardot and Philippe Baqué. Tell hunting farm workers by the Spanish in Almeria (El Ejido events). Purchase required for viewing. Duration: 0:52:00. Extract and description at this link.

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