One minute to support romanian farmers

Perhaps you’ve already learned about the events in Romania. Some peasants  mobilized to defend their land against grabbing  in favor of Chevron, an American energy company, which is prospecting in search of shale gas.

The Romanian government goes to great lengths to prevent this
mobilization : arrests and police repression. Willy Schuster, a Romanian Ecoruralis member, the peasant union member of ECVC and  Via Campesina  movement , has  been arrested and released after a peaceful demonstration . Sunday during anoter demonstration, he was wounded by police and had three fingers and a  rib broken.

We invite you to send this letter (ECVC – Stop land grabbing in Romania) to the Romanian  officials in your embassy to protest against the abuses of Chevron and demand respect of the right of local people to decide of the use  of their own land .

Give a minute to support farmer’s unionists in Romania !


Outils juridiques pour les droits des travailleurs saisonniers


Résumé : Des kits juridiques, rédigés en plusieurs langues, permettent aux travailleurs saisonniers de connaître leurs droits. Leurs liens de téléchargement sont disponibles dans cet article.  Dans le cadre de son travail sur la servitude en agriculture et les travailleurs … Continue reading