The peasant agriculture and seasonal migrant workers program relies on a set of formal and informal partnerships and calls for the participation of many permanent or occasional collaborators, professionals, associations, unions, volunteers, etc.

To ensure continuity of action, understanding of the purpose of the study and the functioning of the exchange program, the volunteers of 2013 decided to set up this blog, both complete and educational.
Primarily made to be maintained and updated by volunteers, it is intended to be an open tool for all the collaborators.

GATHER information and results of missions carried out by all volunteers: articles, bibliography, press releases, images, videos, publications of the partners and the network.

INVOLVE the past, present and future volunteers, the members and employees of Confédération paysanne and the European and French partners. All interested collaborators are invited to write and publish on the website and to provide information and field observations.

TRANSMIT the results of the current volunteers’ missions to the next ones and to the working groups of Confédération paysanne, to contribute to reflection and advocacy towards direct European partners hosting missions and the network involved in general.

INFORM and EXPLAIN the genesis of the project, the original intent, the functioning of the program and the advances to all interested persons, new volunteers, individuals and organizations met, peasants, and even to our families and friends.