Mikele was in France in 2015 with the Confédération Paysanne Aquitaine.

Clément was in Portugal in 2015 with the CNA.

Miléna was in Belgium in 2015 with ECVC.

Alice was in Belgium in 2015 with ECVC.

Simon was in France in 2014 with the Confédération Paysanne Drôme.

Fanny was in England in 2014 with Migrant Voice.

Zoé was in Portugal in 2014 with the CNA.

Ismini was in Greece in 2014 with Harolopio University.

Romain was in Nederlands in 2014 with NAV.

Cindy in Germany in 2014 with ALSO.

Mélanie was in Marocco in 2013 with the FNSA.

Julie was in Italy in 2013 with the ARI.

Héloïse was in Germany in 2013 with Meine Landwirtschat.

Ouessale was in Palestine in 2013 with UAWC.

Nidal was in Marocco in 2011 with the FNSA.

Delphine was in Spain in 2011 with the SOC.

Daïka was in Romania in 2011 with ADO SAH ROM.

Julia was in Poland in 2010 with Lgd Mroga.

Charlotte was in Italy in 2010 with GAO Cooperazione.

Cabiria was in Spain in 2010 with the SOC.

Marie was in Italy in 2009 with ARI.

Alice was in Spain in 2008 with the SOC.

Emmanuelle was in Spain in 2007 with the SOC.

Ana Maria was in Romania in 2007 with the FNAE.

Marie was in Romania in 2006 with the FNAE.

Borbàla was in Hungary in 2006 with Protect the Future.

Teresa was in Romania in 2006 with the FNAE.

Csilla was in Hungary in 2006 with Protect the Future.

Ayça was in Romania in 2005 with the FNAE.

Anne was in Romania in 2005 with the FNAE

Stéphane was in Romania in 2005 with the FNAE