1 August 2014: with a month delay implementation of the minimum wage in the German meat industry

Following the agreement signed in January 2014, a minimum wage in the German meat industry has finally come into force. This should be valid for all workers of the German territory slaughterhouses, whether directly employed by the company or employed through subcontractors. Many doubt its actual application and warn against existing practices in order to push or circumvent its application. The full article is available HERE in German on the website of our partner ALSO.



Between the prefabricated housing and asparagus fields ..

Asparagus is a luxury vegetable very consumed in Germany, since 2003 she is the first producer in Europe. But the lack of a minimum wage applied to all professional sectors and the system of Minijob (short-term contracts, very few binding on the employer) causes many abuses of agricultural workers. The agricultural labor force employed in the collection of vegetables and fruits is almost essentially foreign. Polish Historically, there has been an influx of Romanians and Bulgarian recent years. Working conditions, hard because pickups techniques are often made worse by rights violations and lack of control tools.
The imposition of a minimum wage would be a first step towards more equality between national and foreign workers, but many blockages exist among employers. They fear not being able to withstand competition and pressure on prices, this is particularly true for those who sell their production outside of short circuits.


Round table “Marx in our plates”, seasonal migrant working for the intensive agriculture

January 29th will be a round table concerning seasonal agricultural workers in intensive agriculture. It will take place on the campus of Montpellier SupAgro, Building 9, 208 Amphitheater.


Social dumping is present in the German pre-election speeches


The parliamentary elections will be held in Germany on 22 September. A few days before the election, controversy over social dumping in Germany takes consistency. Summary: The bosses of German slaughter companies justify their use of labor at very low … Continue reading