“The whole system is a fraud to the entire society” – Interview with Matthias Brümmer

In 2012, about 58 million pigs, 3.6 million cattle and 1 million sheep were slaughtered in Germany. The German meat industry is so effective that the country has become the slaughter of Europe, but also on the way to becoming the world’s largest meat exporter. With the start of the barbecue season, Lidl offers 20% per kilo of pork loin or € 3.99 per kilo. This award is achieved through the exploitation of workers, mostly East European countries. This with the help of the directive on the posting of workers to principles rather vague, leaving room for all kinds of abuse from shady supplier. Matthias Brümmer, head of the local branch of Oldenburg union for food and catering (NGG) explains how the business of cheap meat.