Ziarno : a different way to conceive countryside.

Ziarno (“grain”) is an organic farm in Grzybów, one of the 18 hamlets of the commune of Słubice (5000 inhabitants), 80 km west of Warsaw. The association was born officially in 1995, thanks to the tireless work of Ewa (originally from Warsaw), Peter (his companion from Switzerland and implemented in Poland for twenty years) and all of their fellow believers. This association is primarily an organic farm: there are two horses, cows, forty five goats housed in a barn overlooking the snow covered landscape and organic bread oven active for seventeen years. An brand new cheese dairy is for construction, with funding from the European Union. The ten people, young and old, working on the farm and in the association come from surrounding villages. Some are part-time, some full time, internship or volunteer. Peter and Ewa trying to give work and involvement in the association and in the farm to many people as possible. The resources are limited, but their energy is inexhaustible

Summary: the unemployment rate in the region is very high, agri-food factories provide jobs, but the working conditions described as inhumane. In the nearby village, all stores are still managed by the Municipal Cooperative of Mutual Aid Farmers headed by a former Communist Party secretary who manages one and undivided. The Ziarno firm hires many people as possible; but his income depends on fluctuations in the prices set by the agricultural markets. The EU membership and access to CAP subsidies profoundly deregulated the Polish peasantry, to the benefit of larger farmers. Beyond the economics problems social issues are many, there is a great disparity between town and country. The Ziarno Association tries to remedy it, including proposing a summer school where popular education is practiced.