Report : migrant workers denouncing “modern slavery” in Germany – France 24

In the Oldenburg region, a stronghold of German meat producers, immigrants from Latin America are working in deplorable conditions. A wage dumping that allows Germany to remain competitive.



The workers, who use a lawyer, say they have not been paid for several months and they are asked to sign a paper that would make them give up their rights. Employed by a subcontractor they are paid 3 euros per hour, are working an average of 14 hours per days (sometimes more) and see the price of their homes in a corporate house, taken from their wages. The region is specialized in pig and poultry sectors that employ 25,000 underpaid migrant workers. The promise of the establishment of a minimum wage will not solve the problem if serious and regular checks are not performed.


Video and full article (French) : Reportage : en Allemagne, des immigrés dénoncent “l’esclavage moderne” – France – France 24.

Source : France 24, 2013