Call for paper: International seminar – Migrant Labour and Social Sustainability of Global Agri-Food Chains – University of Murcia, November 5-7 2014


During the last decades the globalization process of the agro-food system has stimulated the spread of new enclaves of intensive agricultural production all over the world. These spaces of production have turned into the scene of an intense process of workforce and capital mobilization due to their orientation to exportation markets, their highly technological and productive modernization and their intense use of workforce. These territories are characterised by a “just in time” production, the existence of a sexually and ethnically segmented labour market, and highly flexible and precarious labour and living conditions. Therefore, the internationalization of agro-food sector has caused serious problems of social sustainability and social and political regulation in these territories, which face important difficulties to control their own social and labour contradictions.

This seminar seeks to analyse these transformations through the dialogue between researchers from different countries and disciplines, as well as to consolidate an academic network on globalization, agriculture and migration formed by researchers from Europe and Latin America.

The main lines of the seminar are the following:

1. Global chains, territories and corporate strategies

2. Workforce recruitment, new social composition of labour market and workers’ economic strategies in the new enclaves of intensive agricultural production

3. Labour conditions and control of production in the global enclaves

4. Research challenges: food security, regulation and social sustainability of the agricultural global chains.


Abstracts of max. 500 words should be sent before April 30th of 2014 to

Notification of acceptance will be sent by the May 30th  of 2014.


Organising Committee:

  • Project ENCLAVES “Social Sustainability of the New Enclaves of Agricultural Production: Spain and Mexico” (CSO 2011-28511).
  • Department of Sociology, University of Murcia (Spain)