Deadlocks of a society in crisis

Summary: In the Andravida-Kyllini municipality, in 2014, it is a Greek citizen of Syrian origin who was elected mayor. The fact that he immigrated did not hinder his election, as, in the same time, Golden Dawn, fascist party of extreme right, became the third political party in the country. All migrants do not know the same fate in Killini-Andravida, in this county are Manolada strawberry farms. Where hundreds of migrant workers suffer violence from farms’ bosses, inadequate or non-existent wages and squalid living conditions. Two strikes of workers (one in 2008 and one in 2013) were suppressed in extreme violence (shootings against demonstrators) and resulted in racist attacks. The perpetrators made it out with very light sentences or no sentences at all.

The Greek crisis has caused profound changes in politics, which are analyzed here.