The Assembly of African Workers of Castel Volturno, following the journey in Campania.

Appiah and Filipo are two friends engaged in a struggle different of the ones of unions, associations of lawyers. Both live in Castel Volturno, only one was born there. Appiah is Ghanaian, Filipo is Italian. Both believe that only the mobilization of the people concerned can move the lines. For two years, they participate in a weekly meeting bringing together Italian and African, the Black & White Meeting. And in recent months, they have embarked on mobilizing African workers of Castel Volturno, on the model of the ALAR, the Assembly of African Workers in Rome.

Claims of the Assembly of African Workers in Castel Volturno :

  • We are here for permits of stay and for living conditions,
  • Give us permits of stay so that we can improve our living condition, we come from hard situations
  • Life without documents is impossible
  • With documents we can work and improve the economy of the country
  • With permits of stay we can live together with Italians
  • With permits of stay the exploitation of immigrants will stop
  • Without permits of stay you can’t get accommodation and work
  • We have been forced to come to Italy. It was not our will. We need rights, protection and respect. We are also exploited by some lawyers.
  • Look at our problems and give us protezione umanitaria, asilo politico, renewal.
  • It is part of our culture to respect the law. Without permits of stay we are not able to keep our culture and to respect the law.
  • We love Italy.